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The Series

Lady Eleanor Mysteries


Jane Austen meets Agatha Christie in these

Regency Romantic Mysteries with a touch of Gothic

SUMMERTON - Front Cover (for  Amazon).jp
THE GATEHOUSE - Front Cover (for  Amazon

The Handfasting Series


13th Century

Scottish Romantic Adventure

Librarians & Booksellers Vote

The Handfasting

Medieval Romance Must Read

Single Title Releases

An Independent Miss

What’s love to do with anything?

Surely, title, wealth, and good name are all a man need offer. 

The Protector


A Healer, a Knight and someone who wants them both dead

in 13th Century  England

Psssst ~ looking for BolD, Tangled & Torn?

no longer available individually. They are now all together in The handfasting, Book one of the handfasting series

used copies can,  occasionally, be found at for absurd amounts but I have no control over that

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