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About to see the wizard ...

Not really a wizard, but that's a song that pops into my head every time we set off on a new adventure. This time we (hubby and me, as he manages these things for me) are off to explore Southeast Asia or, as Lady Eleanor would refer to it, the Far East.

For those of you who have read The Gatehouse ...though it has only JUST been released... you will know exactly why I'm going to the far side of the earth. The rest of you can wait and guess. Hints will be given in the posts as I enter them.

So what is involved in traveling so far with every intention of being gone nearly three months? Passports and Visas are in hand, itinerary organized, house sitter up-to-date on everyday chores and arrangements have been made to meet friends at various points along the way.

The rest of the preparations are intimidating. Here I sit, writing my first ever blog post, a rough, fast learning experience, as the plan is to keep everyone up to date with posts along the way. Today's blog post is as much an experiment as anything else. Please feel free to leave comments, especially if there is something you are curious about.

As long as boundaries were being flung aside, new paths taken, it seemed an apt time to learn how to create book trailers. In the last two days I've created two! One for my medieval Handfasting series, that you can find on my author page at, and another, featuring The Gatehouse in a trailer for the Lady Eleanor Mysteries (below).

Crossing boundaries is both terrifying and exciting. Which is what Christopher faces in the Gatehouse. He crosses boundaries in his life. The book is named The Gatehouse, because a gatehouse is a transition point, where a person leaves one place and goes to another. It is also where Christopher lives, in an old, crumbling gatehouse.

Best get to my packing ~ dear hubby has limited me to one carry-on and a very (emphasis 'very') large purse. Perhaps the 'dear' should be removed from his title.

Cheerio! Will be traveling by the next time I post. Please forgive errors, these will not go through an editor and I can be a wee bit dyslexic.

Check back soon
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