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Despite stormy seas, The Journey is due for release spring of 2019, thanks to the rescue of Lady Eleanor and Lord & Lady Bentwood.

In search of Lord Bentwood’s missing sister, the trio set off from The Gatehouse (Lady Eleanor Mysteries - Book 2) for the Far East. Pressures from Lady Eleanor’s Christmas left them bobbing about, abandoned at sea, blown off course ... or were they? That, my friend, is Lord Bentwood's secret.

The Journey offers a change from my previous work. Written in first person, the reader gets inside Lady Bentwood's head before they can discard her entirely. On the outside she's hard, almost cruel, disguising her heart with barbs and misdirection. Her motto in marriage, better to reject than be rejected, keeps her emotions hidden until someone tries to murder her husband. She's a formidable enemy.

To help visualize life on a full-rigged ship in 1816, my next blog will feature the HMS Victory. Though kitted for war, not guests, HMS Victory was a tangible lesson in practical aspects of life at sea. Imagine climbing ladder-steep stairs from deck to deck, wearing long skirts! Fortunately, Lady Bentwood finds a solution. See if you can spot it in The Journey, this spring.

Just a note - The young Lady Eleanor, in Lady Eleanor's Christmas, inspired a new series of novellas: Lady Eleanor Mysteries - The Early Years. Set in the flamboyant mid-Georgian era, a generation before the Regency, Lady Eleanor is in her twenties, King George III is fit to rule, Marie Antoinette has her head and George Washington fights for independence. Hair was high, skirts wide and men wore as much make-up as the ladies. You can read about that in my last blog, Poufs, Panache and Panniers.

In the meantime, catch-up with Book 1 & 2 of the Lady Eleanor Mysteries.

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